Director’s Notes

It’s all about educating…….

We’re just too quiet! We shouldn’t be shushing,

we should be SHOUTING!!!!!

Libraries are gentle places, and we need to get over that. We need to get pushy! People need to know what libraries offer, and what is here waiting to improve their lives! Especially as summer rolls into back-to-school, the library WILL touch and change lives!

The summer is going gangbusters with reading programs for children, teens, and adults – offering great reading to keep minds sharp and providing exciting activities for youth. Reading Readiness activities for little ones help to expand vocabulary, increase attention spans, and help them adapt to a learning environment. Many activities for older kids are designed with the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) initiative in mind, to give our students educational experiences that will take them forward when school opens.

If you never thought about your library as an educational institution, now is the time to look at it in a new light. Sure, if you just want a good mystery to take to the beach, it’s here for you. But libraries are so much more! If you need computer skills, job searching, small business resources, e-government assistance, college applications, homeschooling resources, and more – those things are here for you as well. Come in and get started today!

It’s an education – @yourlibrary!

Beth Vandersteen, Director

Library Spotlight

Your Opinion Counts!

At the West Baton Rouge Parish Library, we love to hear what our patrons have to say about our library, its services, and the staff. We asked our patrons to share their thoughts with us about what our library services and staff mean to them. We said it could be as little as just one sentence, as much as a paragraph, or even a whole page! We would like to share the following with you from patrons who have given permission to use their responses (some preferred to remain anonymous)-

“As a former (retired) elementary school librarian I have been very pleased with the services provided by WBR library staff for not only adults but children and teens as well. I have not once made a visit to the library and found any part of it in disarray. The book selection is excellent, the staff professional and always helpful and interesting programs for all ages are provided often. Anyone who has not made use of any of its many services is missing out on one of the “treasures” of our parish!” (Anonymous, library patron)

“The WBR Parish Library Bookmobile Staff is top notch! Amy Hebert and her assistant Melissa Smith are most accommodating and attentive to each patron, going beyond just bringing the bookmobile and books to outlying areas. They not only bring requested books, but also search the Library shelves for books of similar interest to offer patrons. Even though our small parish is not comprised of a great land area, it is sometimes difficult for patrons to drive to Port Allen, for a variety of reasons, therefore the bookmobile provides a vital service. These friendly and cheerful ladies show that attitude no matter what difficulties they encounter related to traffic, weather or other circumstances. They deserve a gold medal just for braving the traffic! Thanks, Amy and Melissa.” (Anonymous, bookmobile patron)

“I am really impressed with the expansion of the section for children. It must be children friendly, and you all have done just that.” (Keith Ebanks, library patron)

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